Terrific Turkey and Sweet Potato Skillet with Kale

How terrific is the dish that needs one pan, takes 10 minutes to make, and satisfies your craving for delicious dinner that is not only cost efficient, but nutritious? I’d say it’s pretty darn terrific! Which is why I call it “terrific turkey!” 😉   There’s some clarification needed here… Delicious food takes precedence over healthy in my […]

turkey picadillo

Turkey Picadillo

Dinner is served!!! I love making picadillo. You know why? It’s so good, versatile, and EASY to make on a weekday. You can pair it with rice, beans, tortillas, and fried plantains (platanos) if you’re feeling ambitious. I really enjoy Cuban food. If you have been following my site, you’re already well aware of my […]

Grilled turkey burger

Indoor Outdoor Turkey Burgers

Burgers are peculiar. They are often times associated with the iconic grill master, the “All-American guy” slaving over a hot BBQ grill. They exemplify manhood. But, why is that? Do you want to know my personal thoughts on the matter? I think burgers taste better on a hot skillet, I think women cook some darn good burgers, […]

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