grilled cheese sandwich with brie and preserves

Grilled Cheese with Brie, Thyme, and Sweet Preserves

Do you see that sandwich up there? With all that melty cheese? My goodness. Sometimes I have voices telling me things at the worst possible times. This week, for instance, I was eating so healthy. I was exercising on my treadmill each day. Then, out of the blue, this voice tells me, “Wouldn’t it be incredible […]

rice_crispy_treat pantry impossible

Seraiah’s Rice Crispies

Do you have kids? If so, awesome! If not, well, you’re still awesome! Waiting until you’re ready is most certainly a great idea. Aren’t they a handful? I have a son named Seraiah. Boy, is he rambunctious. Unrestrained, who knows the mayhem that will result… I love how kids always have their minds made up. They have […]

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