Chicken Kabobs on Fourth of July

How was your Fourth of July holiday? Did you light fireworks? Are they legal on your side of town? I was challenged with the decision of whether to go out for fireworks or stay home and BBQ. As an LA resident, however, there’s no need to make this decision. You can have BOTH! You may be […]

yellow_rice pantryimpossible

Mellow Yellow Rice

Have you ever been bored by rice? I mean, it’s not the most exciting dish. Usually used as a filler to soak up flavors of the main dish it supports, it has little stand alone flavor. That’s how I typically use it. Furthermore, I usually opt for other side dishes when given the option. Rice […]

Welcome to Pantry Impossible

Welcome to everyone who chooses to visit this site! I have a couple topics to share with you before you decide to partake in this adventure with me. 🙂 I have always felt deeply passionate about culinary exploration, diverse cuisines, and frugality where it matters. Additionally, I have always been genuinely interested in research, art, poetry, […]

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