What you have is all you need…


Hello there! I am so glad you have discovered this site!

You might be wondering what’s with this spy thriller name we have goin’ on… Well, it has a little to do with the mission here…

To spark creativity and inspire the novice home chef. We strive to encourage mindful consumption of the Earth’s resources!

It’s not impossible to utilize every single one of your pantry ingredients in the most creative ways possible. (Check out my growing recipe archive here)

Currently, many people struggle to make the most of their paychecks, while spending inordinate amounts of cash on take-out and groceries. And what happens to most of the groceries??? It goes in the trash and spoils before being fully utilized. Americans waste approximately $165 billion of food waste each year. That’s pretty ridiculous. I know that you can make amazing meals, be a “certified” gourmet, and also make the most of your grocery trips.

We are working on an algorithm and internal search engine that will allow you to fully utilize all of your pantry items and allow you to create unique and satisfying meals, conscientiously with no waste. All of the recipes on this website are original and catered to urban palates. Please bear with us as we construct this totally unique and original tool. In the meantime, stay tuned every week for new and fun recipes! 

There is something remarkable about resourcefulness. When you are resourceful in the kitchen, you have earned the designation of “home chef.” You no longer are bound to the constraints of cookbooks and their, often times, lengthy list of obscure ingredients. You have shifted away from fixed formulas to improvisation and developing your own cooking style. Most of all, you have adjusted your cooking style to allow for substitutions and leveraging what you have available. (Hence, our slogan: What you have is all you need! yeah!)

I truly believe that you will have the confidence and ability to create gourmet meals without spending ridiculous amounts of cash at the grocery store. How do I know this? Because I manage to do it everyday

MY REQUEST TO YOU: Please send me any feedback regarding anything you see here: critical or non-critical feedback is fine! I’m a pretty friendly gal. 😉

Now that I have talked your ear off about my mission, let me tell you a little about myself. 

Again, I am Lauren Alpert. I am a Southern California raised young professional with a deep passion for creating art through food. I am a problem solver and enjoy preparing different recipes with limited supplies of ingredients. I have a husband named Manuel and a young son named Seraiah. They are my life! Yay! I am an economist by day and a culinary extraordinaire by night!

Okay, okay… Maybe I am going a little crazy here. But I do believe that I have good taste when it comes to food. So please, trust me! And tell all your friends about this website!!! Thanks!!!

We love you! Thanks for coming back!

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